Sept 2017

Take-away project for a "front-end" job interview

During my work at Supahands, I wrote a simple take-home project intended to assess candidates for the Front-end Developer job position.

I wanted to assess 3 main things :

  1. Skills: is the candidate able to write clear code to solve a simple problem ?
  2. Motivation: is the candidate ready to spend around 1 hour of work for us ?
  3. Autonomy: does the candidate ask relevant questions ?

I sent them an email :


I would like to challenge you with a small take-home project.

Build a simple web page displaying the data of this json file : restaurants.json

Display the content of the file in a table

  1. Add buttons to filter the list by type of cuisine
  2. Display the number of the restaurants displayed
  3. You can start with this jsfiddle.

You can start with this jsfiddle.

Don't spend too much time, just do as much as you can :)

If you have any questions, let me know.

Good luck !

I made a jsfiddle because I wanted candidates to spend as little time as possible on the task. At the end of the day, the aim is only to know if the candidate has a basic level of javascript.

The jsfiddle already contains the structure of the html, because I believe anyone who can use jquery properly knows html.